Seminars on “Editing Florentine Inventories”

The Harvard-based Documentary Archeology of Late Medieval Europe (DALME) project is offering a 10-week digital seminar on “Editing Florentine Inventories,” which will examine sources from the project’s Florentine Wards Collection. During two, hour-long sessions per week, instructors and participants will study, transcribe, and edit inventories from late medieval Florence and prepare them for digital publication. 

The seminar runs from March 7 to May 10, 2022 and will be led by co-PIs Laura K. Morreale and Daniel Lord Smail. Seminar participation is open to anyone, including students (current or former), faculty, and independent scholars. All meetings will be held online via zoom, and the number of participants limited to 8. There is no cost to participate. Please see the  for more information and to apply. Questions may be sent to