Digital Manuscripts-Nijmegen, Call for Papers

On 27-29 October 2021, the ERC Project PASSIM (Patristic Sermons in the Middle Ages, Radboud University Nijmegen) will organize the international Workshop:

On the Way to the Future of Digital Manuscript Studies

Nijmegen, 27-29 October 2021

Over the last decades, the ability to exploit digital potential has radically impacted research in the field of manuscript studies. From the most basic facilities, such as the increasing availability of digitized images and documents, to sophisticated attempts at automatizing the entire process of critical editing, the development of digital tools is extraordinary: it has created unprecedented opportunities to mine the data, achieve innovative results, and display them, in ways which previously could only be imagined. In such a dynamic context, the number of valuable enterprises continues to grow: the time is ripe for a consideration of the achievements already obtained, and of the foundations that our current work is laying for long-term development of the field. Through the organization of this workshop, the ERC Project PASSIM seeks to provide an occasion to pursue this goal.

Scientific Committee: Mariken Teeuwen (Utrecht Universiteit – Huygens ING-KNAW), Olivier Hekster (Radboud Universiteit – KNAW), Shari Boodts (Radboud Universiteit), Gleb Schmidt (Radboud Universiteit), Riccardo Macchioro (Radboud Universiteit).

Confirmed Speakers: Marjorie Burghart, Mike Kestemont, Thomas Köntges, Inka Moilanen, Elena Pierazzo, Matthieu Pignot, Philipp Roelli, Dominique Stutzmann, Mariken Teeuwen, Anne-Marie Turcan-Verkerk, Martin Wallraff.

We are glad to announce theopening of the Call for Papers for 25 minutes long presentations.
Possible topics include (without being limited to): approaches to historical dynamics through digital study of manuscripts; data management, sustainability, interoperability; digital stemmatology; computational approaches, machine learning, deep learning applied to scholarly problems; epistemological problems with regard to the interaction between the machine and the human scholar; development of visualization strategies and tools to outline and interpret the results on complex queries. 

Papers can focus both on informatic and technical, and on scholarly aspects of these problems. 

For a more thorough presentation of the workshop, and a more detailed overview of possible topics, please see the attached file. The Workshop will be held either on location in Nijmegen (ideally) or online, depending on the development of the Covid emergency.

Abstract Submission

If you would like to present a lecture at the Workshop, please send an application consisting of a short abstract (ca. 350 words) and coincise CV (max. 1 pag.) to:
Riccardo Macchioro ( and Gleb Schmidt (
Abstract submission deadline: 10 May 2021. Acceptance will be communicated shortly after, by 15 May 2021

Early career scientists and scholars (Ph.D., Post-Doc) are especially encouraged to apply.

For any questions or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: Riccardo Macchioro:; Gleb Schmidt: